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This course has truly changed my life. I’ve experienced a paradigm shift. Before the course, I just didn’t feel joy in my friendships or relationships. I was burnt out, tired, stressed a lot of the time. Now I have pleasure in everything I do. I’m much more at ease and feel freer in my relationships due to this course. I’m saying kinder things to myself and praising myself :)


I am now taking steps towards goals that I’ve had for about 4 years but kept putting off! I thought I always had to ‘go after’ everything in order to get it. I didn’t realize I could attract and receive! What surprised me the most was achieving my goals that I wrote down before the course started, then writing down more goals and achieving those. And it’s fun, easy—I’ve learned that part of achieving my goals was actually RECEIVING what I want!! Who knew?!? I’m so much more freed up.


Before signing up, I worried would this really work? Would I really be able to get that much out of just four months?


Life was fine but routine. I felt suppressed. I needed the freedom to be me and I didn’t have that yet. Life now is free! Light! Colorful! Confident! I feel confident and powerful to call the shots. I got to start from a new empowered place and let go of the past holding me back. I'm more accepting of myself. I got this new amazing lens out of the course. It’s a huge breakthrough.

 I never thought this course would not only bring out a new world for me, but also have an incredibly huge impact on my boyfriend. I had sworn off relationships, and Aimee completely guided me to the one of my dreams. I have my amazing relationship with a partner I now live with, all out of working with Aimee.

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"I am no longer afraid to show up as I am."


Sex in general was like this door I was so afraid to open and look at, afraid what I would find. Now I open the door, walk into the room, and feel at peace. There is nothing around this I can’t look at. I realized I can have a relationship with God, have a community at church AND be a sexual woman. I feel so deeply connected with myself now. I turn myself on, I feel whole. I trust myself. I like looking in the mirror for the first time in a long time. I feel I can take up space, I can shine my light and it won’t take anything from anyone else. I feel free in being a sexual woman.


I didn’t know I could have this much pleasure in my life! Even little moments of life feel pleasurable. I have the deepest connection with my partner, my family and friends. I see how this work is impacting generations. I feel whole, free and okay with myself for the first time in my life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had no idea I could feel the way I do today.



"I feel so free and confident to do and ask for what I want sexually which has created so much more excitement, pleasure, richness, connection, and fun in the bedroom."


[Working with Aimee, I discovered that] leading life by my desires is so much more fun than living out of fear or guilt or obligation! It only helped me become a better person, better for myself and for how I show up to others in my life. To anyone seeking the best relationships possible, romantic or not, this is for you!

Aimee is great at probing with the right questions when you're feeling stuck. She appreciates everyone no matter what emotional state they're in, acknowledging the down and ugly and loving you for it.


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What surprised me the most about what I got from this investment is that I began selling with confidence and truly value the work I’m putting out in the world.


Before I began, I was stuck in my business. My money mindset was fucked. It was my biggest hesitation about signing up, but I’m so grateful I did.


I loved Aimee’s knowledge, confidence, enthusiasm and constant support. She provides the perfect place for transformation; a place where all women can be vulnerable and real. That’s how the magic transpires.



"I learned practical, simple changes that have taken my relationships with men from draining to unbelievable beautiful. How I see my boyfriend, my dad, and my brothers is entirely different."



"I'm more vulnerable with my husband. I'm not proving that I'm right all the time instead I am longing for connection with him. I can see that he loves me more than anything and I trust him more as a result of the program. I'm more confident about my decisions and am allowing myself to be messy!"


The sisterhood I’ve gained through the women going through this process was magical. Everyone was so open and loving and made the process so easy. 


[I value] Aimee's openness, her vibrancy and her never ending willingness to force you to open when things feel so closed. She breathes life into you in the most positive respectful way.



This course was transforming. Aimee wants me to soar and come out of the shadows of my life.


Before this class, I thought I'd be in a relationship with any man who would save me.


Now I'm the one to pick and choose. I'm the one that decides. I don't worry about him. I'm connected to myself. I love myself.


I look in the mirror I see a younger, happy, clearer woman looking back. [I see that] people love me, want to work with me and value me. I’m part of a tribe, beautiful, smart and desired. I had no idea I was going to really love myself and want to be with me!



"I experienced a whole new perspective on how to communicate my desires and how powerful and worthy it is to be doing that. [I found] such deep connection with the women here that I didn’t know was possible and am taking with me for the rest of my life."


"I used to hate being photographed, and carried a lot of shame, fear, and insecurity about how my body looked. Before this course, I didn’t have many friends. I was scared to be intimate with others.


Now I'm living my best life! I am no longer afraid to show up as I am. I now love taking pictures and recording myself. I’m now willing to put myself out there to have experiences and not live a life of regret. I realized I am worthy. The women in my life remark on my transformation and tell me I’m radiant, an inspiration. It feels amazing to empower and create a ripple effect of transformation in others!"



"[Working with Aimee is] enough to give you the power to conquer anything, to move through life with grace, deeply connected with yourself. It’s enough to save a marriage, to revolutionize your sex life and intimacy. It’s enough to bring clarity to your deepest desires which translates into a sense of fulfillment in life. It’s enough to help you process family trauma and experiences and move into a new space with people who are incredibly important in your existence.


 Anything is possible."



Don't wait to experience the fulfilled life you deserve. 

Work with me in Wild, Confident Intimacy, my four-month virtual group coaching program.
It's only held twice per year, so apply soon to book your place.
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